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Tumbling Basics

Tumbling Basics

$27.97 CAD $40.95 CAD


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    Tumbling Basics helps teachers new to tumbling break down each skill into small, easy-to-teach steps. This book focuses on seven tumbling skills that provide the basis for any tumbling program. With Tumbling Basics, you can learn how to safely teach the essential skills needed for tumbling.

    Using the book’s clear visual and verbal cues, you can guide the students through each skill—no matter your level of tumbling experience. Tumbling Basics also includes exercises to help students improve their strength and flexibility to perform skills successfully. You can also increase the challenge and fun using the book’s tumbling circuits that give students a way to practice tumbling skills in various combinations.

    For each skill, you’ll find a description with step-by-step photos, then circuits that reinforce the new skill. Clear instructions on spotting techniques help you learn to safely guide students through difficult skills, and safety guidelines help you create an environment where students can practice without fear of being injured. This resource is packed with over 200 photos and illustrations and also includes rubrics for each skill. Tumbling Basics brings you the knowledge, tools, and confidence to incorporate a tumbling program, unit, or lesson into your physical education curriculum.

    Tumbling provides both physical and mental challenges for your students. With the mastery of each new skill, students improve their physical strength, flexibility, and coordination and increase their mental discipline and self-esteem. By combining basic skills, exciting tumbling circuits, and safety guidelines and techniques, Tumbling Basics will help you uncover the challenge and fun of tumbling for your students.


    Text for undergraduate students in physical education teacher education programs. Resource for K-12 physical education teachers and recreation specialists.

    Chapter 1. Preparing to Teach Tumbling

    Chapter 2. Forward Rolls

    Chapter 3. Backward Rolls

    Chapter 4. Cartwheels

    Chapter 5. Combination of Rolls and Cartwheels

    Chapter 6. Front Limbers and Backbend Kickovers

    Chapter 7. Front Handsprings

    Chapter 8. Back Handsprings

    Chapter 9. Combination of All Skills

    Kathleen M. Ortiz is an instructor in the physical education department at Boston University. She is also an instructor in the physical education department at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. Ortiz was an adjunct professor for 10 years, teaching tumbling and gymnastics to future physical educators at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. She has coached athletes in gymnastics and cheerleading up to the Olympic level for more than 40 years and served as a gymnastics official in colleges for more than 30 years. Ortiz has been involved with the Special Olympics for more than 35 years. She has owned a gymnastics club and directed gymnastics programs, and she has been a head coach and written manuals for gymnastics clubs.

    Ortiz received her bachelor of science degree in education from Ohio State University. She has been involved in many professional associations, such as USA Gymnastics and National Association of Women’s Gymnastics Judges. Ortiz served as the state education director in New Jersey for eight years and in Illinois for three years and is safety certified in gymnastics. She also served as the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) gymnastics rules interpreter from 2000 to 2011. Ortiz was president of the State Gymnastics Officials for five years.

    Customer Reviews

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    Efrain Alejandro Villarroel De Mayo
    Need color pictures

    Hello, for practical purposes I like to see colorful pictures specially with my kids who practicing gymnastic as well.