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I Golf, Therefore I Am--Nuts!

I Golf, Therefore I Am--Nuts!

$10.98 CAD $21.95 CAD


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    Finally, a book that delves into the warped and obsessive mind of today's golfer. Whether your idea of golf is an occasional round with fellow duffers at the local muni or frequent forays to far-flung courses in search of the perfect round, you'll identify with this book like no other.

    Popular golf humorist George Fuller will have you laughing as he makes light of the idiosyncrasies of otherwise sane people who are addicted to this holy, wholly frustrating game.

    I Golf, Therefore I Am—Nuts! brings out the humor in situations that all golfers can relate to:

    • Looking for Mulligan, the patron saint of forgiveness
    • he hype architects and developers use when describing a new course
    • -Quirks, quips, and superstitions from the PGA Tour

    If your eyes light up every time you read about a new driver, your TiVo has golf programming that originally aired in 2004, you receive holiday cards from greenskeepers, or your golf wardrobe doubles as business casual, then I Golf, Therefore I Am—Nuts! is for you.

    Part I. The First Tee
    Chapter 1. In the Beginning, There Was Golf
    Chapter 2. Any Way You Slice It, Golf Is a Beautiful Game
    Chapter 3. The Patron Saint of Forgiveness: Seeking the Elusive Mulligan
    Chapter 4. Couples Golf
    Chapter 5. The Laws of Golf
    Chapter 6. Forget Love—Laugh at the One You're With

    Part II. The Power Game
    Chapter 7. Desperately Seeking 3 Wood
    Chapter 8. Making Fast Friends on the Links
    Chapter 9. Hype Versus Reality—Can You Believe This?
    Chapter 10. The Game of the Future? Let's Hope Not
    Chapter 11. No Pain, No Gain

    Part III. The Short Game
    Chapter 12. Putting Stroke Du Jour
    Chapter 13. Practice Schmactice
    Chapter 14. Client Golf
    Chapter 15. Golden Golf: Till Death Do Us Part
    Chapter 16. Lucky Charms

    Part IV. The Mental Game
    Chapter 17. The Parboiled Language of Golf
    Chapter 18. Weapons of Mass Instruction
    Chapter 19. Gamesmanship
    Chapter 20. E9
    Chapter 21. The Tyranny of Par
    Chapter 22. Remembering Why We Play
    Chapter 23. Open Letter to the PGA Tour Commissioner
    Chapter 24. Leaps of Faith

    Part V. Course Management
    Chapter 25. Golf or a Lime Exfoliation?
    Chapter 26. March of the Haggis
    Chapter 27. Shark Versus Bear
    Chapter 28. Golf in the Middle of Nowhere
    Chapter 29. Travels With Dave
    Chapter 30. Dreaming My Dreams
    Chapter 31. Whipped by the Master—Again

    Part VI. Tales From the Tour
    Chapter 32. The Thrill of Victory—Well, Almost
    Chapter 33. A Babe in Mastersland
    Chapter 34. A Primer on Golf Fashion
    Chapter 35. How to Host a U.S. Open
    Chapter 36. Looking Down at the Grass
    Chapter 37. Whistling While You Work
    Chapter 38. Bada-Bing—A Proposal to Improve the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am by Changing That Way-Too-Long Name and Bringing Back the Spirit of Bing Crosby

    Part VII. The 19th Hole
    Chapter 39. Dog Is My Copilot
    Chapter 40. Dew Sweepers, Diehards, and the Dearly Departed
    Chapter 41. Dweezel and Chuckles Rip Me a Shred Stick
    Chapter 42. My Favorite Excuse
    Chapter 43. Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Golfers
    Chapter 44. The Power of the Pen
    Chapter 45. Beam Me Out of the Woods, Scotty

    George Fuller is publisher and editor in chief of Tee It Up magazine (geared to golfers in Southern California) and partner in a nationally syndicated radio show of the same name. He has been in the publishing business specializing in travel and golf for more than 15 years and has been a professional writer for more than 20 years, using his humor to add a perspective that has proven popular with his readers.

    Fuller has authored eight books; the most recent two are California Golf: The Complete Guide and Discover Hawaii's Best Golf. He also has an online following, serving as the regular golf travel correspondent for CBS Sportsline. Former editor in chief of Links-The Best of Golf magazine and founder of Golf Living magazine, Fuller has contributed to many respected newspapers and magazines, including Robb Report, the Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times, Time magazine, Golf magazine, Travel & Leisure Golf, Links-The Best of Golf magazine, and Coastal Living. Fuller resides in Culver City, California.

    "For those of us who spend time in that place called golf hell, this is a wonderful respitea cool, refreshing vacation."
    Craig T. Nelson
    Actor, Star of Coach

    "Congratulations! Every golfer should have this book and have a good old laugh! I love the style and laughed out loud on a flight as I was reading it. Everyone thought I was a lunatic! I love it!"
    Malcolm McDowell
    Actor and golf fanatic