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Physical Education Sound Tracks, Volume 2

Physical Education Sound Tracks, Volume 2

$38.95 CAD

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    The second of two volumes, this audio CD features more music for workouts, stations, and various fitness tests featured in the middle and high school textbook, Fitness for Life. The music can also be used for other fitness and physical education programs and activities.

    This item is one of many supplemental teaching materials available for use with the Fitness for Life program. Contact your K-12 sales representative for more information and regarding bulk purchases.

    Table of Contents

    1. Music Interval (15sec/5sec)—3:13
    2. Music Interval (15sec/5sec)—3:09
    3. Music Interval (20sec/20sec)—5:45
    4. Music Interval (25sec/5sec)—4:59
    5. Music Interval (30sec/5sec)—5:43
    6. Music Interval (30sec/5sec)—5:50
    7. Music Interval (30sec/10sec)—5:41
    8. Music Interval (30sec/10sec)—5:50
    9. Music Interval (30 sec/30sec)—4:32
    10. Music Interval (30sec/30sec)—4:32
    11. Music Interval (30sec/45sec)—4:16
    12. Music Interval (1 min/5sec)—5:23
    13. Music Interval (1 min/10sec)—5:39
    14. Rolling On (2 min music)—2:02
    15. Jam (2 min music)—2:01
    16. Hard Beat (3 min music)—2:59
    17. Scratch'n (3 min music)—3:00
    18. Step in Time (4 min music)—4:01