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Fitness for Life Middle School Teacher's Guide

Fitness for Life Middle School Teacher's Guide

$195.95 CAD

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    Includes bound-in CD-ROM. Provides five lesson plans for each chapter: two lesson plans for the classroom sessions and three activity plans that supplement and reinforce the classroom content. Most plans are presented in four steps:
    1. Gathering Information (for classroom lessons), or Instant Activity (for activity lessons)
    2. Lesson Launcher
    3. Lesson Focus
    4. Reflection and Summary
    The lesson plans feature these elements:
    • Objectives
    • Performance outcomes related to NASPE standards
    • Activity resources
    • Student worksheets for use in class or as take-home assignments
    • Review quizzes and answer keys
    • Assessment rubrics
    • Other reproducibles
    FREE to course adopters. Call for details


    Fitness for Life: Middle School Teacher's Guide