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MIDDLE SCHOOL: What’s the difference between the test package and the premade quizzes available on the Teacher Web Resource?

In preparing the Teacher Web Resources, the authors wanted to provide teachers with as many assessment options as possible. Constructing tests by using premade quizzes and constructing tests by using the test package each offer advantages.

Premade quizzes. A major advantage of premade lesson, chapter, and unit quizzes is that they evenly sample all content to be tested. Because they are already prepared, they can easily be printed or copied and require no extra work on the teacher’s part. Teachers also have several options when using the premade quizzes. It is not expected that all options will be used with all students. Teachers can decide which quizzes work best for each situation. Note that premade quizzes can be modified, so teachers can add, omit, or change questions as desired.

Test package. The test package (TP) is for building custom quizzes or integrating quizzes with your learning management system (questions can be imported into the system). Custom tests created using the TP allow teachers to sample selected chapters and prepare a final exam that covers all chapters. Teachers who use chapters in an order other than the one presented in the book can create custom tests for the selected chapters. The TP is also useful for creating makeup tests with different questions than the ones on the original test.

Both premade quizzes and custom tests will test program outcomes, as described in the Teacher Web Resource.