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The Infield Loop Drill

This is an excerpt from Coaching Fastpitch Softball Successfully-2nd Edition by Kathy Veroni & Roanna Brazier.

Infield Loop

Purpose: To practice fielding an assortment of ground balls (requiring different footwork positions) and throwing to different bases, as well as to work on conditioning.

Procedure: There are players at first and third, a ball in the pitching circle, and a player catching with a fungo hitter at the plate. One player works through all of the plays that follow (see figure 11.15).

1. A ground ball is hit to the third baseman, who throws it to first base.

2. The player (third baseman) runs and picks up the ball in the circle and throws to first base.

3. The player then loops around second base toward the shortstop position and is hit a ground ball, which she throws to first base.

4. The player receives a ground ball at the shortstop position and throws it home.

5. The player charges the plate, and the catcher rolls a bunt, which the fielder throws to first base.

After each player finishes, she rotates to the next clockwise position. On-deck fielders wait their turn at third.

Variation: Begin at first base and throw the first three balls to third base. Reverse the loop so the batted ball is a backhand. The bunted ball is thrown to third base.

Infield Loop Drill