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Teaching the Extended Side Angle and Half Moon yoga poses

This is an excerpt from Teaching Yoga for Life by Nanette E. Tummers.

Extended Side Angle

(can also be called super side stretch)

  • Standing Pose

This pose engages everything-nothing is left behind, as the legs are engaged and strong and the top arm is reaching up and over the head (see figure 7.19).

Figure 7.19 Extended side angle pose


  1. From warrior II with the right knee bent, bend the right arm and let the right forearm rest on the right bent knee, and extend the left arm up to sky, looking up at the hand. To advance, reach the left arm from over the head up and over to reach toward the right wall.
  2. Keeping the left leg strong, press the left foot into the floor.
  3. Press the legs firmly into the ground, and slowly come up and reverse.

Half Moon

  • Standing Pose

Students love this pose because it is all about just going for it and saying any words of inspiration, such as "Yippee!" or "Yahoo!" or "_________!" (see figure 7.20).

Figure 7.20 Half moon


Begin from warrior II to the right.

  1. Reach forward and to the side with the right hand, and balance on the fingertips while slowly extending the left leg. Reach up overhead with the left hand, and focus on the left fingertips.
  2. Tell the students to say "Yahoo!" or whatever they feel like saying.
  3. Bring the foot slowly to the ground, and slowly stand up.
  4. Switch sides.


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