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Excerpt — Volume II

Understanding Today's Athlete

As a coach, especially an experienced coach, at some point you’ve heard yourself mumble, “I just don’t understand players today!”

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Finding and Maintaining Passion in Your Players

I was sitting at a softball field recently, recruiting and taking in a travel ball game. Truthfully, I was not seeing the best talent, and I was not properly equipped for the cold and wind. It was not one of my best days.

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Recruiting the Right Way

Although the culture and rules in college athletics have changed in the last 100 years, effective recruiting has always separated the most successful programs from the rest.

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How to Apply Science to Your Coaching

During the past few years, the function of the trunk and spine in swimming has gained attention.

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The Importance of the Start to the Backstroke

Both the swimmer and the coach should learn and experiment with variations because these physical experiences go into the swimmer’s overall inventory and help make the athlete’s chosen start style more athletic and effective.

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