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Excerpt — Volleyball Coaching Bible

Attackers success determined by variety of shots

To be effective, an attacker needs not only be able to hit the ball hard but also to have a variety of shots available.

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Three drills to teach players how to land after jumping

To learn how to land. To strengthen the legs and hips.

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Developing a positive team culture

Think back to a time when you worked hard, had fun, learned a lot, and achieved at a high level. What characterized that environment? What characterized the relationships you had with your peers? Your leader? Seldom do people look back and recall these times as easy, but they also don’t describe them as negative.

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Recruiting strategies for volleyball coaches

Phone calls and text messages are all allowed at certain times and may change. In 2015, a college coach can call an unlimited number of times during a contact period. The junior year is usually the heaviest recruiting time.

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Keeping stats and knowing how to use them

Coaches should be coaching; they need to spend as much time as possible in the moment and not with their heads down writing on paper. One of the greatest issues with keeping statistics is that the process of recording them can keep coaches from doing their primary job - coaching.

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