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Excerpt — Urban Physical Education

Responding to behaviors with P.R.I.D.E.

In the school setting, this can mean that whatever behavior a teacher displays toward his students will be mirrored. The saying also reinforces the need for teachers to resist the urge to engage in sarcastic comments, put-downs, or ridicule.

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Examples of culturally diverse activities and challenges

In 1050, French monks played jeu de paume, which meant hitting a ball with the palm of the hand. In 1861, before becoming president, Abraham Lincoln played handball in a vacant street lot near his law office.

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Culturally diverse challenges offer a supportive atmosphere

The challenges can help students develop a sense of balance, agility, and physical conditioning within a supportive atmosphere. Students work in small or large groups to solve a common problem or goal. Individuals are responsible for following and giving directions, showing sensitivity toward their peers’ limitations, and taking part in the group decision-making process. Elements of trust should be emphasized.

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