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Excerpt — Training and Conditioning for Judo

Power: plyometrics + tandoku-renshu

This is an excerpt from Training and Conditioning for Judo by Aurelien Broussal-Derval.Each drill can be done up to 4 times with a short recovery time (1 to 2 min) and up to 8 times with a more substantial recovery time (5 min) every 4 sets: 2 complete drills ‘ 5 min break ‘2 new complete drills. Of course you can also alternate the drills in a circuit. Book

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Strength endurance as a foundation for muscle strengthening

This is an excerpt from Training and Conditioning for Judo by Aurelien Broussal-Derval.In muscle strengthening, the work is primarily focused on the following: Technique and acquisition (or recovery) of automatic reflexes Hypertrophy work (increase in muscle mass) building up a judoka's armor, and strength workouts with long, numerous sets with a reasonable load, prior to any intense work during the season Example (note that the recovery time between stages is less than 1 min 30 sec) Phase 1: resistance band pull 2 × 10 Phase 2: loaded pull 2 × 10 repetitions at 40 percent of your load capacity. Alternate...

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Uchi-komi and rhythm: a winning blend?

This is an excerpt from Training and Conditioning for Judo by Aurelien Broussal-Derval.TECHNICAL WORK AND PHYSICAL CONDITIONING: THESE ARE THE GOALS OF JUDOKAS' FUNDAMENTAL EXERCISE, UCHI-KOMI. HOWEVER, IF DONE TOO QUICKLY, THIS EXERCISE CAN END UP BEING COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. BUT WHAT IF EVERYTHING WERE A QUESTION OF RHYTHM? Uchi-komi is an absolutely key component of judo training. We ascribe to it great benefits related to learning and technical development, as well as to the improvement of physical attributes (speed and endurance in particular). However, even focusing solely on the technical dimension, there's still no escaping the eternal battle between speed and...

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