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Excerpt — Team-Building Activities for the Digital Age

Operating system: Implementing effective team-building activities

In order for growth activities to be successful, you as the facilitator should know your purpose, your audience, your environment, the needed equipment and supplies, and when to change plans to adapt to the participants.

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Team building with digital photos

These activities harness the power to view images instantaneously in order to help group members learn more about themselves and how they interact with each other.

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Using social networking sites as a team building tool

This activity encourages users to see the Internet as a tool that they can use for growing in relationship with fellow team members and others by thinking about how pictures, posts, and other information can be interpreted in various ways.

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Practice effective communication with texting activities

If a team is to function and grow effectively, its members must be able to communicate clearly and sometimes quickly. Certainly, text messages are quick and convenient, and the activities presented here help users understand and meet the challenges that text messaging creates.

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Team building with ringtones

Music is more accessible than ever before. People simply log on and download whatever they like, and this ease of access has helped create a generation that often seems to live for music. You will quickly see evidence of this dimension of young people’s lives as you progress through the audio activities presented in this chapter.

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