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Excerpt — Teaching Movement Education

What are the origins of movement education?

Why was it popular in the 1960s, 1970s, and even into the 1980s? Who should know the movement education framework (MEF)? Why did its popularity fade, and where are we today? Who were the contributors to the beginnings of movement education?

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Building a word bank: Body parts

Begin by selecting the body parts category card and placing it in the pocket chart. Depending on the developmental stage of your students, you may choose to create and place element cards for each of the body parts being covered in a lesson in the pocket chart, too. Learners at a higher developmental stage may not need this specificity. In that case, you may choose to bypass placing these element cards in the pocket chart and concentrate on providing a multitude of activities that use body

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Building a word bank: Location

Location is the category title given to self- and general space, suggesting where the movement takes place. Self-space comprises each child’s individual working space, and general space is the total space you are providing the child for movement.

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