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Excerpt — Teaching Fundamental Motor Skills 3rd Edition With Web Resource

Alignment of text with grade-level outcomes

Elementary-age children bring an excitement to the physical education environment that is contagious. This book capitalizes on that student excitement by presenting motivating methods to promote successful learning experiences that enable children to demonstrate competency in motor skills and movement patterns.

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Outcomes for kicking

Children begin kicking by standing still and kicking a nonmoving object. The outcomes provide a logical skill progression. A kindergartener should be able to kick a stationary ball while standing still, demonstrating two of the five elements of a mature kicking pattern (S1.E21.K).

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Three group activities that meet the standards

Objective: To practice kicking and trapping a ball. Equipment: A very large play area and one to four foam balls (8 inches [20.3 cm] in diameter) or other soft balls. The number of balls needed will vary based on the skill level of the students.

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