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Excerpt — Teaching Children Dance-3rd Edition

Applying 21st-Century Skills to Teaching Dance

The best news about the educational buzz surrounding the 21st-century skills is that creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, self-direction, problem solving, and global awareness are taking center stage in education.

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Creating an Inclusive Environment

This simple facial gesture is significant to any child and especially important to a child with disabilities. The smile also indicates to anyone else in the space, student or adult, that you are caring and willing to make the learning experience meaningful for all.

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Assessment instruments help prepare your lessons

Gathering assessment information before a lesson or unit is useful in ascertaining students’ current skill level, knowledge, experience, or interest.

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Teach movement and still shapes in a game of freeze dance

This dance uses locomotor movements or wheelchair movement and still shapes.

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Inspire imagination and creative movement with the frog dance

Today, we are going to do a dance about the day in the life of a frog.

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