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Excerpt — Sport Nutrition for Coaches

The low down on low-carbohydrate foods

Many people mistakenly believe that low-carbohydrate diets or low-carbohydrate foods help with weight loss. The assumption is that carbohydrates make a person fat. The bottom line is that eating any nutrient in excess of need will result in weight gain.

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Tips for eating right after exercise

Athletes need to be reminded about the importance of fueling after exercise and making this a priority. Make sure that before they shower, text message, put on the i-Pod, or drive home from practice, they eat to replete!

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Planning key to eating well on the road

Travel is never easy. It may cause problems that impair your athletes’ performance, such as altered sleep schedules, skipped meals, dehydration (especially with air travel), food safety issues, and, if you’re traveling abroad, the availability and accessibility of familiar foods.

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