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Excerpt — Smart Cycling

Bicycling offers many benefits

The benefits of bicycling include more than freedom and independence. Cycling helps you save money on fuel, get into better shape, and remain healthier longer.

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Cyclists should choose a bike that fits their riding style

While all bikes are generally the same, with a seat (saddle), two wheels, and a frame, there are many variables that affect the type of bicycle appropriate for you.

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Following rules of road increases bicyclists' safety at intersections

Each type of cycling generally has its own etiquette or rules of the road, but when bicyclists use the public roads and right of way, they have a special code to follow: the vehicle code. Here we present the basic legal concepts for cycling and the principles to follow to increase safety.

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League of American Bicyclists offers tips for avoiding road hazards

Unfortunately, riding your bike defensively, driving your bike carefully, and following all the rules of the road don’t ensure that you will never be in a tight situation. These maneuvers are important to practice, vital to know, and—it is hoped—never used.

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Travel tools and routine maintenance mean safer cycling

Deciding what to bring with you on your bike ride can mean the difference between riding and walking. Knowing how to use your tools is just as important.

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