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Excerpt — Rugby Games & Drills eBook

Defense drills

To practice adjusting position in defense after getting up from the ground; to learn how to work as a unit when fatigued.

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Drills for using the grubber kick

To learn how to use the grubber kick and to catch or pick up a ball. Mark out a circle with cones with a radius of 5 to 10 metres depending on the age and skill level of the players. Inside the circle is a central den that contains up to six cones spaced far enough apart that they won’t knock each other over if they fall. Split 8 to 16 players into two equal teams. One group of players is inside the circle; the other group of players is outside. Some of the players outside the circle have balls.

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There are many advantages to drills

Because of the ease of set-up and the closed nature of simple drills, they can often be combined. You can also combine them in such a way that players go from a very closed activity to progressively more open ones and finally finish with a game.

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