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Excerpt — Promoting Active Lifestyles in Schools With Web Resource

Common Misconceptions about Children's Health, Activity and Fitness

Studies over a number of decades and from across the world have shown that children hold misconceptions and misunderstandings about health, activity and fitness.

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Route 2 Good Health: Promoting Healthy Behaviours in Schools

One secondary school implemented a whole-school initiative to promote healthy behaviours among its pupils. In particular, the school governors and staff were keen to address childhood obesity as they were aware of an increase in childhood and adult obesity in their geographical area and considered it an issue in their school.

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Assessment of Health-Related Learning

Health-related learning can be assessed through written, verbal and active responses to questions, tasks and tests. More specifically, affective and behavioural outcomes can be assessed by means of teacher observation of effort and commitment in PE lessons, participation records for PE lessons and extracurricular activities, and activity monitoring (e.g., activity diaries) and fitness testing.

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