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Excerpt — Pilates Anatomy-2nd Edition

Pilates one-leg stretch

This is an excerpt from Pilates Anatomy-2nd Edition by Rael Isacowitz & Karen Clippinger.Fundamental 5-5 One-Leg Stretch (Single-Leg Stretch) Execution Start position. Lie supine with the head and scapulae off the mat in Chest Lift (exercise 4-2) position and one knee pulled into your chest. The hand on the side of the bent knee holds the shin just above the ankle. The other arm is bent, with the hand on the knee. The straight leg is at a height at which the lower back can maintain contact with the mat. Both feet are gently pointed. Inhale. Begin to bend the...

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Pilates side kick kneeling

This is an excerpt from Pilates Anatomy-2nd Edition by Rael Isacowitz & Karen Clippinger.Intermediate 8-2 Side Kick Kneeling Execution Start position. Kneel and bend the trunk to the side. Place one palm on the mat, with the fingers pointing away from the knee. Place the other hand behind the head, with the elbow bent and pointing toward the ceiling. Lift the top leg (the leg farthest from the support arm) to about hip height. Inhale. Bring the raised leg forward. See the main muscle illustration. Exhale. Bring the raised leg backward as shown. Repeat the sequence five times. Do the...

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Putting alignment into action in Pilates mat work

This is an excerpt from Pilates Anatomy-2nd Edition by Rael Isacowitz & Karen Clippinger.Many of the Pilates exercises in this book are designed to strengthen muscles that are important for alignment and core stability. However, strength alone will not necessarily create the desired results. It also is important to learn to feel correct alignment and core stability, to hone skills for quickly achieving this alignment, and to practice using this alignment in the exercises in this book as well as during other activities in your life. Research suggests that with repetitive activation of the desired muscles in the appropriate manner,...

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