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Excerpt — Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes 2nd Edition eBook

Many factors to consider when collecting, analyzing, and interpreting blood lactate measurements

Although the blood lactate response to exercise is used widely to control and monitor training programs, many factors in addition to training adaptation can affect the blood lactate response. Therefore, one needs to consider the following points when collecting, analyzing, and interpreting blood lactate measurements.

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Hydrotherapy used to enhance recovery from competition

Despite the widespread integration of hydrotherapy into an athlete’s postexercise recovery regime, information regarding these interventions is largely anecdotal. Although a number of physiological responses to water immersion are well researched, the underlying mechanisms related to postexercise recovery are poorly understood.

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Anticipating the movement of an opponent crucial in elite sport

A variety of measurement approaches have been used to examine the anticipatory skill (i.e., advance information usage patterns) of elite and subelite performers involved in “open,” interceptive sport skills.

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