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Excerpt — Physical Activity and Obesity-2nd Edition

Learn the basic components of weight assessment

The importance of evaluating overweight individuals has increased as the epidemic of overweight has worsened.

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Environments play role in your physical activity

The environment you live in plays a factor into the level of physical activity you achieve everyday

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Prescribing physical activity to prevent weight gain

Several studies have been performed to establish the amount of physical activity needed to maintain weight loss

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Methods and procedures to assess sedentarism

This is an excerpt from Physical Activity and Obesity-2nd Edition by Claude Bouchard & Peter Katzmarzyk.Methods to Assess Sedentarism To understand the relationships illustrated in figure 3.1 and to examine the consequences of behavior compensation require careful, robust, context-appropriate assessments of sedentarism (and physical activity; see chapters 4 and 5). Incomplete, improper, or inappropriate assessment procedures will serve to mask or exaggerate true relationships. Clues for assessment methods are drawn from sedentary behaviors. Whereas a piece of exercise equipment is a cue for a method of physical activity assessment (e.g., frequency, intensity, and duration of use), a piece of equipment...

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