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Excerpt — NSCA's Essentials of Tactical Strength and Conditioning

Nutrient Needs During Deployment and Shift Work

Deployment and shift work are realities for the tactical athlete and can negatively affect sleep, physical performance, cognition, and immune function. Besides practicing good sleep, nutritional strategies may help reset the circadian rhythm.

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Modification of Exercises to Allow Injured Individuals to Continue Training

Although the harmful effects of disuse on muscle size and strength are well documented, recent evidence shows that such effects begin to occur with as little as five days of disuse. Clearly, it is in the tactical athlete’s interest to continue training to the extent possible after injury.

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Program Design and Sample Training Approaches

The principle of specificity requires training to mirror the demands of the occupational specialty. To best prepare for the physiological demands of load carriage, military personnel should train using complex, multijoint movements, with an emphasis on upper body and lower body strength and power development, in addition to posterior chain development.

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