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Excerpt — Myofascial Training

FEEL IT: Perception and activation

This is an excerpt from Myofascial Training by Ester Albini.Feel it Strategy Let me introduce you to the different nuances of the Feel it strategy (which involves listening and feeling), from simple to more complex exercises. Experiment with your body and explore its potential in a different way; this will help you to consciously feel what is happening. Only then will this awareness be deeply rooted in your brain, and only then will your training truly change. Start with this strategy because moving is great, but moving and feeling is even better. The time has come to start to listen...

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Programs to improve mobility and flexibility

This is an excerpt from Myofascial Training by Ester Albini.Concept: Non-stop program and sequence of exercises. Structure: One sequence of 6 to 15 exercises constitutes a training program. Focus On: Improving functional mobility. Strategies: Mobility and Stretch. Discussion: The programs that I propose below are designed to improve your joint mobility. Exercises for joint compartments Combination of mobility and stretch exercises Integration in your training: Include exercises for specific joint systems in your training. Example: Before an intense arm workout, choose 2 to 4 shoulder, elbow, and wrist mobilization exercises. Book

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Try this exercise: moving stork

This is an excerpt from Myofascial Training by Ester Albini.Strategy MOBILITY - Functional mobility - Hip joint Starting Position Adopt the 90-90 degree Stork position, with your right knee raised to hip height, forming a 90-degree angle between your hip and your torso and 90-degree abduction between your lower and upper leg. Raise your outstretched arms to shoulder height. Movement Rotate your pelvis around the head of your left femur, moving your right leg outward as you do so but keeping your shoulders and left leg still. Return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times and then change legs. Focus...

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Try this exercise: opening a book

This is an excerpt from Myofascial Training by Ester Albini.Strategy Dynamic stretching Starting Position Lie down on your left side, with your knees bent at pelvis height and your arms outstretched in front of you at shoulder height. Movement Breathe in, stretch, and then lift your right arm toward the ceiling. The movement of your arm brings your upper body with it, causing it to rotate (domino effect). Continue moving your arm as far as you can rotate your upper body without significant exertion. Return to the starting position, complete the desired number of repetitions, then switch sides. Focus On...

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What are fascia?

This is an excerpt from Myofascial Training by Ester Albini.Defining Fascia Fascia is what makes us who we are. Connective tissue is simply everything that binds and connects. However, experts cannot agree upon a single definition. There are two key reasons for this lack of consensus on the fascia: Its thickness, function, depth, consistency, and position are extremely variable. It is a concept that has only been broadly accepted relatively recently, so its definition is still a work in progress. The simplest definition that I have found is this: “Fascia is a bandage”, a concept that already existed in documents...

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