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Excerpt — Maximum Interval Training

Suspension Training

Suspension training involves a little more in terms of setup, adjustment, and basic positions than the other exercise modes covered in this book. Recognizing this requirement helps ensure a safe, successful experience.

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Five Key Variables for a Comprehensive Training Program

Several key training variables must be addressed, manipulated, and successfully integrated to create an effective, comprehensive training program. The interplay of these variables can have a profound impact on the results you get.

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Guidelines for Total-Body Conditioning

No approach to training is perfect, and this caution is certainly true when using maximum interval training as your workout program. This section gives you some things to keep in mind when putting together your program.

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Heavy Ropes Unstable Wave

Besides offering the normal benefits of the wave, this variation requires you to develop balance to perform the exercise. This variation also develops the muscles of the ankle, foot, and shin, which will have to work hard to keep you standing.

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