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Excerpt — Junkyard Sports

Learn about Junkyard Sports

Junkyard Sports is one of many unique and very fun games books published by Human Kinetics.

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Introducing Junkyard Sports

Junkyard sports are “real” sports and games played with the “wrong” equipment. Because the sports are made up by the people who are playing them, they offer a welcome alternative to the traditional sport programs. Junkyard sports stress personal

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Sports for the fun of it

One of the most radical of the implications of junkyard sports is the notion that regardless of what gets invented or played or who wins, the only thing that really counts is how much fun it is for everyone. As a criterion for success, especially for

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Creating a Junkyard Sport

Every junkyard sport has four elements: People Place Junk Games The more diverse the participants in skill, age, or ability, the more potential for social learning and challenge. For example, a new

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Finding Inspiration

One of the key inspirations for the development of a junkyard sport is playing in the “wrong” environment with the “wrong” equipment. Stickball, for example, was invented so that kids could play baseball on the street. They didn’t have bats, so they made

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