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Excerpt — Hiking Tennessee

West Tennessee

One of the three Grand Divisions of the state, West Tennessee is the most sharply defined geographically. Its boundaries are the Mississippi River on the west and the Tennessee River on the east, and it encompasses an area of 9,000 square miles.

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Burgess Falls State Park & River Trail

Before it was the site of a water-powered gristmill and a hydroelectric plant, Burgess Falls State Park was home to Native Americans who used the land as a hunting ground. European settlers began settling in the area in the late 19th century as the numerous falls and rapid flow of Falling Water River were used to power grist and saw mills.

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Sergeant Alvin C. York State Park

Despite the fact that Alvin C. York is one of the most celebrated soldiers in American history, he actually set out to be a conscientious objector. In 1914, he joined the pacifist Church of Christ in Christian Union but was denied formal conscientious objector status when he was drafted for service in World War I in 1917.

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