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Excerpt — Heart Rate Training-2nd Edition

Improved heart rate monitor technology changes workouts

This is an excerpt from Heart Rate Training-2nd Edition by Roy T. Benson & Declan Connolly.Heart rate monitor capacities have advanced dramatically in the last several years. They have improved in function, appearance, reliability, and accuracy. The new generation of wrist-reading monitors has proven reliable for the most part, and so much more practical than the chest strap systems. Modern monitors provide basic information on calorie expenditure, oxygen consumption, time in target zones, average and maximum heart rates achieved during the workout, and time in heart rate recovery zones, as well as offering audible signals, 24-hour heart rate measurements, and...

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Keep running until time runs out

This is an excerpt from Heart Rate Training-2nd Edition by Roy T. Benson & Declan Connolly.Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could continue running until you reach the real finish line at the end of life? No premature retirement required. Well, good news! No matter when you start running, whether at 7 or 77 years old, we believe that you can keep going for the rest of your life. The secret is to keep your legs from giving out long before your heart does because, ironically, runners' legs seem to age faster than their hearts. Think about it: How many...

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Learn more about recovery with heart rate variability (HRV)

This is an excerpt from Heart Rate Training-2nd Edition by Roy T. Benson & Declan Connolly.Thanks to new understanding of data about cardiac health, heart rate variability (HRV) is a new tool that can provide athletes and exercisers more insight into recovery. In the past, an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine was needed to measure HRV by tracing the electrical activity of the cardiac muscles to measure the actual interval between heartbeats. But now the cheaper technology of chest and wrist heart rate monitors and new apps for smartphones make measuring and using HRV possible and more practical. Cardiologists have long used...

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