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Excerpt — Governance in Sport With Web Resource

Digital and emerging media in sports

This is an excerpt from Governance in Sport With Web Resource by Bonnie Tiell & Kerri Cebula.By Galen Clavio and Matthew Zimmerman Sport media operate as a subset of the broader news and entertainment media, and that has been true in both traditional media and in digital and emerging media. As social networks emerged in the early part of the 21st century, sports played varying roles in the development of content and consumers. In some cases, sport media developed their own niches, and occasionally sport media acted as a leading audience attraction on certain media platforms. The sport media industry...

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Esports and the Olympic Games

This is an excerpt from Governance in Sport With Web Resource by Bonnie Tiell & Kerri Cebula.By Steve Borawski, Michael Kidd, and Bonnie Tiell Governance in Action 14.2 An international federation is the cornerstone of global governance for traditional sports ranging from cycling, ice hockey, and softball to more obscure sports such as samba, lifesaving, and chess. The Global Association of International Sport Federations (GAISF) includes over 100 Olympic and non-Olympic sport federations, but entering 2020, there was no recognition of a federation for esports. According to the Olympic Charter, without a universally recognized independent, nongovernmental international federation, esports is...

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What is leadership in sport organizations?

This is an excerpt from Governance in Sport With Web Resource by Bonnie Tiell & Kerri Cebula.By Bonnie Tiell and Kelley Walton Leadership Styles Leadership style is the way leaders provide direction and motivate others. The styles proposed by Lewin, Lippet, and White (1939), Chelladurai (1978, 1984), and Goleman (2000) continue to resonate in the study of leadership and its application to the sports industry. Classic Leadership Styles Lewin et al. (1939) proposed that leaders demonstrate one of three styles of leadership: authoritarian, participative, or laissez-faire. These styles are generally used to describe the ways individuals lead, but as contingency...

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