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Excerpt — Foundations of Professional Personal Training 2nd Edition With Web Resource

Empowering clients to take charge of their own fitness goals

The experience that clients have with a Personal Training Specialist may influence other aspects of their lives. When clients have a positive experience, make effective choices, and reach their personal fitness goals while working with you, they often experience positive changes in other areas.

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Recommendations and precautions for back health

Even when working with clients who do not currently have lower back pain, you can help prevent its future occurrence by paying close attention to their posture, alignment, and form during each exercise and by including activities that help them strengthen the spinal stabilization system.

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Segmented versus integrated programs

When creating programs for your clients, you will have to consider whether they would be better served by a segmented or integrated training approach. Segmentation refers to keeping the components of cardio, resistance, and flexibility separated from each other for the most part.

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