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Excerpt — Exercise and Wellness for Older Adults-2nd Edition

Positive lifestyle choices can help older adults increase "health span" and maintain independence

For the past two decades, government and media outlets have predicted dire consequences resulting from aging world populations. However, the problems predicted to occur as a result of aging populations stem from advanced disability rather than just advanced age.

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Resistance band exercises improve older adults' upper- and lower-body strength

Resistance bands can be used to develop both upper- and lower-body strength.

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Psychosocial barriers must be considered when designing wellness programs for older adults

Failure to address psychosocial aspects of physical activity participation and failure to apply behavior change concepts to program design can consistently low participation rates in both community-based and senior-living-based venues.

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Strength and power exercises for older adults

Training strength with body weight requires that the muscles be challenged beyond what is normal for everyday activities. To improve power with body weight, you must add the speed component.

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Six dimensions of wellness are natural framework for programming

There is a profound difference between using wellness programs to fill time slots in an activity schedule and fostering an environment of well-being for both residents and staff.

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