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Excerpt — Essentials of Teaching Physical Education With Web Resource

Content suggestions to meet SHAPE America's Grade-Level Outcomes for middle school

In this section, attention turns to grades 6-8 to suggest content to address SHAPE America’s Grade-Level Outcomes for middle school. Again, the relative emphasis for Standard 2 at the middle school level is discussed, and ideas on assessment are provided.

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Employing Effective Teaching Tactics

Although effective class management (chapter 12) is essential, and you should cultivate a range of teaching styles, you need more than just varied teaching styles to ensure that learning takes place. Effective teaching for learning in physical education requires you to use a particular set of skills and teaching behaviors after you have your learning environment organized.

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Advocating for Your Profession

Now more than ever, physical education is a critically important school subject for reasons related to its contribution to children’s overall physical and psychological well-being and for the contribution it can make to the intellectual growth of children.

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