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Excerpt — Complete Conditioning for Lacrosse

Back Squat Test

One of the best indicators of lower-body and core strength is the back squat. This king of exercises is a great way to assess the strength and flexibility of all lacrosse players, regardless of position.

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Power-Development Exercises

Explosive power is a major key to success for a lacrosse player. Plyometric training is a way for the athlete to become more explosive and react faster.

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Speed and Agility

The sheer excitement generated for lacrosse can be traced to one primary element: speed! Sudden changes of possession, skillful offensive maneuvering, and defensive teamwork that can lock down and frustrate an offense all require the application of some element of speed and agility.

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ATP-PC Focus

Lacrosse is a game of speed and speed endurance. Sudden breakaways, fast-paced offensive systems that force the defense to react to split-second movements, and defensive slides or switches to cover offensive attackers are all performed in the ATP-PC zone.

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