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Excerpt — Bowling-2nd Edition

Timing on the approach

Timing must be considered from both the beginning and end of the approach. The ball’s position in the swing arc at the completion of the first step (or second step for those using a five-step approach) is termed initial timing.

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Drills for developing your bowling swing

The following drills follow a particular order. Each successive drill adds more complexity. If you lose your awareness of a smooth, rhythmic swing as you work through the series of drills, you are not progressing properly.

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Bowling's primary and secondary targets

The two primary target points on the lane are the starting position on the approach and the target arrows on the lanes (figure 10.1). These two points define the target line to the pins.

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Hand positions for different releases

The position of the hand determines how the energy of the swing transfers through the ball. If the hand is directly behind the ball, all the swing’s energy goes through the ball.

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