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Excerpt — BioMechanics Method for Corrective Exercise With Online Video

Foam rolling the hip flexor group of muscles

Exercise benefits: Rejuvenating and regenerating the hip flexor muscles will help the lumbar spine flex, enabling the pelvis to posteriorly rotate more effectively.

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How the knees relate to the feet and ankles and the lumbo-pelvic hip girdle

The knee is the structure that bridges the feet and ankles and the lumbo-pelvic hip girdle. Therefore, any imbalances or malalignments in the structures above or below it will directly affect how the knee feels and functions.

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Learn more about the hamstring group

Muscle specifics: A hamstring muscle on the back of the leg. It originates on the ischial tuberosity of the pelvis (i.e., the “sit bone”), travels down the back of the upper leg, crosses the knee joint, and inserts on the medial side of the tibia a little lower down than the semimembranosus (Agur and Dalley 2013).

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