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Excerpt — Archery Fundamentals-2nd Edition

Before you buy: Bow styles, parts of a bow, and draw length

Bows come in the following three basic styles: Longbow: The longbow is usually made from a single stick of material. It is straight when unstrung and forms a simple backward curve when strung.

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Traditional, Target, Field, and 3D Equipment Setups

In archery each setup is unique and suited to a particular type of competition. Four commonly used setups are traditional, target, field, and 3D. Traditional archers use the bare minimum of equipment (figure 3.6). The traditional archer prefers to shoot barebow because it lacks any sights or accessories.

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Attending a Competition

The number one rule about arriving at a competition is to arrive early so you don’t have to rush. Sign in with the tournament director, find out your lane assignment (where you will be shooting), and review any rules you might have questions about.

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Improve your shooting recurve

Shooting a Recurve Bow You can actually practice the following shooting steps without using a bow.

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