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Excerpt — Advances in Sport and Exercise Psychology-4th Edition

Increasing physical activity and performance through exergames

Behavior change theories and concepts for exergame design are important for enhancing the effectiveness in increasing physical activity behavior and training (Thompson, 2015).

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The good parenting ideal and active free play

As children age beyond the early years and begin to gain a limited amount of independence, parents and other caregivers are actually the most frequently reported barriers to children’s engagement in AFP, primarily because of parents’ perceptions of traffic safety and "stranger danger" concerns (Carver et al., 2008; Holt, Cunningham, Sehn, Spence, Newton, & Ball, 2009).

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Using sport and physical activity in recovery with military veterans

I was instantly drawn to the adrenaline high of the intense focus and flow of the Pilates environment. I was equally horrified at the complete total inability I had to connect my body as a whole unit.

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