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Deep-water 20-minute fun activities

This is an excerpt from Water Fitness Progressions by Christine Alexander & Christine Alexander.

Circuit Class With Partners

(Active Recovery)


Deep-water belts, noodles, dumbbells

Teaching Tip

Two minutes at each station; allow extra time to move to next station. If you have an odd number of class participants, you will need to participate so that no one is left out.

Station 1 Noodles:

  • Bicycle race: Sit on noodle as if riding a bicycle and pedal with arms and legs; race until time is up.
  • Bicycle ride: Partner A is the handlebars with the noodle around his or her waist, and partner B is the bicycle rider, straddling the noodle. Halfway through they change positions.
  • Canoe: Sit on noodle as if riding a bicycle. Partner A is in front of partner B as if in a canoe. Partner B holds the back end of partner A’s noodle between his or her knees. Partners travel forward rowing with their arms. Halfway through they change positions.

Station 2 Dumbbells:

  • Push-ups: Partners face each other leaning forward 45 degrees with dumbbells in their hands under the shoulders and flutter kicking. Partners alternate pushing down.
  • Jumping jacks: When one partner does a lat pull-down, the other lifts the arms to sides.
  • Side-to-side extension:Partners face each other and coordinate so that both go to the same side at once.

Station 3 At the Wall:

  • Breaststroke and reverse: Partner A puts both feet on the wall and does a breaststroke. Partner B is in a kneeling position with back to the wall and does a reverse breaststroke. Halfway through they change positions.
  • Push-off: Partners push off the wall with their feet, tuck, and run back.