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Webinar series takes a detailed look at Implementing Physical Activity Strategies

Developed through a partnership with the National Physical Activity Plan Alliance and the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity (NCPPA), Implementing Physical Activity Strategies profiles 42 physical activity programs that are helping people adopt more active and healthy lifestyles based on the U.S. National Physical Activity Plan (NPAP). This resource combines the expertise of editors Russell Pate and David Buchner as well as a host of respected researchers and practitioners well known for their long-term advocacy for a more physically active society.

To expand upon that content, Human Kinetics presents a series of free webinars that discuss the promotion of physical activity, going in-depth through case studies presented in the text. The case studies illustrate high-priority strategies of the National Physical Activity Plan. After a brief introduction to current activities of National Physical Activity Plan Alliance, the webinars address the following topics:


Mass Media, Health Care, and Public Health Strategies

David Buchner, MD, MPH; Bob Sallis, MD, FACSM; Jacqueline Eppling, MPH

View the recorded webinar

Education; Parks, Recreation, Sport; and Non-profit Strategies

Russel Pate, PhD, FACSM; Elizabeth Romero, MS; Andrew Mowen, PhD

View the recorded webinar

Business and Industry; and Transportation, Land Use, and Community Design Strategies

David Buchner, MD, MPH; Mark Fenton, MS; Nicolaas P. Pronk, PhD

View the recorded webinar