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Transform your body in just six months with award-winning enhanced edition of The M.A.X. Muscle Plan

Widely regarded as one of America's leading strength and fitness professionals, Brad Schoenfeld has won numerous natural bodybuilding titles and has been published or featured in virtually every major fitness magazine. Now the 2011 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year and best-selling author brings his expertise to a resource that has everything needed for completing a total-body transformation in just six months.

The enhanced edition is packed with 109 exercises—each one complemented by a video clip that demonstrates proper form—and more than 200 photos that reveal Schoenfeld's revolutionary muscle-building program. It is compatible with iOS devices – iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch – using the iBooks or Kindle app.

The book revolves around M.A.X.—short for Mitogen Activated Xtreme training. Mitogens are the chemical substances that encourage cells to remodel, a process essential for muscle growth. The scientifically proven program enhances mitogenic and other growth-oriented training responses to promote optimal muscle development and eliminate training plateaus. It features a three-phase, six-month program for the entire body, helping increase lean body mass, build muscle, and dramatically transform their bodies. Every exercise, every set, every repetition is mapped out for ease of implementation. The program is complemented by cardio guidelines and nutrition recommendations based on the latest scientific research.

Results from this enhanced edition speak for themselves. It is the blueprint for achieving — and maintaining — a total-body transformation. Purchase this enhanced e-book with video through Amazon's Kindle store or the Apple iBookstore. It is also available via Barnes & Noble for use on the NOOK Color or NOOK Tablet.

The Publishing Innovation Awards have awarded the QED Seal to the enhanced edition of The M.A.X. Muscle Plan based on its quality, excellence, and design. This distinction is earned by e-books offering a high quality user experience which readers can buy with confidence.



"The M.A.X. Muscle Plan is a rare combination of rigorous science and practical experience, without the hype or wishful thinking."

Lou Schuler -- Author of The New Rules of Lifting and The Book of Muscle



"Brad Schoenfeld knows muscle 'n' might, where it comes from, and how it gets here because he's studied it, practiced it, and insisted on it. Read his words and ideas in The M.A.X. Muscle Plan, put them into action, and grow."

Dave Draper -- Mr. America and Mr. Universe




Chapter 1        The Science of Muscle Development

Chapter 2        Periodization

Chapter 3        Exercises for the Back, Chest, and Abdomen

Chapter 4        Exercises for the Shoulders and Arms

Chapter 5        Exercises for the Lower Body

Chapter 6        Break-In Routine

Chapter 7        Strength Phase

Chapter 8        Metabolic Phase

Chapter 9        Muscle Phase

Chapter 10      Nutrition

Chapter 11      The Cardio Connection