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The most comprehensive Pilates book is now even more comprehensive

In this second edition, world-renowned Pilates expert Rael Isacowitz shows you the same repertoire that he has used to train multiple Olympians as well as an elite group of professional instructors who work with celebrities and athletes around the world.


Starting with the foundation for all the exercises, Pilates presents an in-depth treatment of mat work, including photos, imagery cues, and detailed instruction on breathing to help you perform the movements correctly. The mat work in this edition is organized according to a mat-specific version of the comprehensive BASI Block System used for the apparatus work. This arrangement enhances understanding of the expansive repertoire and provides the tools for creating personalized mat routines. A unique set of challenging exercise sequences is offered to facilitate performing the movements in one continuous, flowing motion.


After the mat work, where most books stop entirely, Pilates goes on to apply the same depth of instruction and photos to the full range of Pilates apparatus:

  • Reformer
  • Cadillac
  • Wunda chair
  • Step and ladder barrels
  • Ped-a-pul
  • Arm chair
  • Magic circle

The complete repertoire includes a purposeful grouping of exercises into blocks that work all regions of the body and progress from the fundamental level through the intermediate and advanced levels to challenge you at all stages of Pilates development.


With more than 200 exercises and more than 50 variations, Pilates is the most comprehensive guide available on the method. As a contemporary approach to the work of Joseph Pilates, this is the one book you need in order to improve your balance, concentration, coordination, posture, muscle tone, core strength, and flexibility—in short, your well-being.


Learn more about the book by viewing the trailer.

“The two Pilates books I refer to most often are Joseph Pilates' Return to Life Through Contrology and Rael Isacowitz's Pilates. They are must-have reference works for Pilates teachers, students, and clients. I have known Rael for many years. In this book you will meet Rael the man and teacher, multitalented and knowledgeable. He presents his approach to Pilates with simplicity and love, and he inspires you to do your best. Bravo, Rael!”

Lolita San Miguel, PMA, CPT

First-Generation Pilates Teacher, certified by Joseph Pilates and Carola Trier


“Rael Isacowitz is one of the great Pilates masters of our time. I recommend this book to anyone looking for detailed insight into Pilates theory and practice. It is an extraordinary resource for all dedicated Pilates practitioners.
Marguerite Ogle, MS
Pilates Educator, Writer, Lifestyle Coach


“Whether you're new to Pilates or a seasoned practitioner, you will read this book—cover to cover—over and over again.”

Amanda Altman, Managing Editor,Pilates Style magazine


Rael draws from his vast experience to provide a clear, comprehensive, creative, and inspiring presentation of Pilates repertoire for the mat and apparatus.”

Karen Clippinger, MSPE

Professor, California State University at Long Beach; Faculty member, BASI Pilates