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Articles — High-Performance Training for Sports

How today's elite athletes can thrive by instilling some business sense

Although many of the gold medals in Sochi during the Winter Olympics went to individual athletes, those medals actually symbolize team success and the processes that supported the individual—much like those found at the world’s top businesses.

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High-Performance Training for Sports called "A Seminal Work"

I have been reviewing books for more than a thick set pudgy decade. Possibly, some hundreds of books have been perused and commented upon. My philosophy has always been if a book is published it must have some merit, otherwise it would wither on the vine of failed ambition. The value of books varies from a constricted interest for constricted people to universal ‘must have' tomes. There is nothing more priceless than the gifts of good health and education. Coaches must continue to self-educate to validate their existence. An opportunity has arisen. It is entitled High- Performance Training for Sports....

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