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Articles — 4:09:43

Kinetic Connections with bestselling author Hal Higdon

Bestselling author Hal Higdon’s acclaimed book, "4:09:43 – Boston 2013 Through the Eyes of the Runners," focuses on 75 runners and their individual stories. It may be the first book ever written about a major sporting event that was researched almost entirely through social media.

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See the 2013 Boston Marathon from the unique vantage point of its runners

Best-selling author Hal Higdon offers a captivating account of the 2013 Boston Marathon from the unique vantage point of those running the race. Collected through social media messages and e-mails sent to the author, the stories of 75 runners are woven into a smooth-flowing narrative that captures both the triumph of marathon running and the tragedy of the bombing.

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Hal Higdon's interview on the "Athlete On Fire" podcast

4:09:43 author Hal Higdon offers amazing perspective on the Boston Marathon, while also talking about his successful running and writing careers.

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