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Seven audio recordings to help students relax

Stress Management: A Wellness Approach gives you the opportunity to listen to audio recordings of seven activities (one from each chapter) that guide students through stress-reduction processes. The music used in the recordings can help students to relax.Following are the names of the recordings, their approximate run times, and brief descriptions:


  • Significant Life Changes (02:37) encourages proactive stress management through the use of the serenity prayer. Listen to MP3
  • The Basics of Autogenics (07:16) walks you through an exercise focused on relaxing the body. Listen to MP3
  • Taking It to Heart (04:17) invites you to sit with difficult emotions in a heart-centered space and be less critical and judgmental. Listen to MP3
  • Stopping Negative Self-Talk: Stop, Drop, and Breathe (04:07) focuses on the deliberate practice of stopping negative self-talk by bringing attention back to a focus device (such as breaths in the belly) and replacing those thoughts with calming statements. This activity uses the image of a traffic light as a visual reminder to stop (red light), slow down (yellow light), and give the green light to positive thoughts. You can use this image whenever you feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts. Listen to MP3
  • Journaling About Increasing Your Social Support System (03:21) Provides journaling cues that will help you discover what you value most in friendship and improve your social support system. A strong social support system is important for helping you handle stress. Listen to MP3
  • Forgiveness Meditation (04:22) begins with an awareness of anger and resentment before opening up to forgiveness. Often, we push negative feelings away without taking the time to explore them in a safe space. Listen to MP3
  • Nature's Colors (03:53) includes the peaceful images of nature along with color to help you relax. This activity can be modified for different seasons, such as walking in spring rain and seeing beautiful spring flowers or walking in the winter surrounded by snowflakes. Listen to MP3


To listen to the MP3 files, click on the links above. To download the MP3 files, right-click on the links and select Save Link As (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) or Save Target As (Internet Explorer).