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Power skating coach reveals how to gain an edge on the ice

Scott Niedermayer, Rob Niedermayer, and Peter Laviolette can attest to the advice of internationally renowned power skating coach Laura Stamm. Over her 38-year coaching career, Stamm has worked with everyone from youth and college players to professionals in the National Hockey League, including the New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings. Now, she offers the techniques that have led these players to success on the ice with the new edition of Laura Stamm's Power Skating, Fourth Edition (Human Kinetics, 2009).

Stamm offers over 300 photographs and illustrations demonstrating power skating skills from basic to complex. The updated edition also includes 197 drills with techniques for BAMS (balance, agility, mobility, speed) as well as puck protection. The skills throughout the book reflect the recent changes in the game of hockey for a faster, more open game on the ice. 

Laura Stamm's power skating system has been adopted by hockey teams around the world. She has taught thousands of amateur and pro players how to move quickly and efficiently to gain an edge on the ice. 

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