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New fitness DVD offers customizable workouts

Fitness enthusiasts can now customize their workouts with the upcoming DVD Total-Body Toning With Lashaun Dale (Human Kinetics, 2010). Fitness expert Lashaun Dale has created a DVD that offers a series of interchangeable workouts for weight loss, improved cardio, and toned muscles.

“My DVD offers a strong workout that is meant to get people in shape,” Dale says. “It's accessible to those new to fitness who don't know how to do squats or need to improve their range of motion. At the same time, the combined workouts offer a serious workout for those wanting to push themselves.”

Total-Body Toning With Lashaun Dale offers eight 10-minute routines that combine traditional and nontraditional resistance techniques using basic equipment, including free weights, balls, a step, and a mat. The customizable DVD allows viewers to combine these routines to create a progression and level of intensity appropriate for their fitness needs.

“I progressively prepare people for exercises so when they are performing squat jumps and squat thrusts, their joints don't hurt,” Dale says. “I think that is a really strong asset that is not always offered on DVDs.”

Dale also includes four complete preprogrammed workouts that provide intervals of cardio and strength training to give viewers more focused workouts and better results. “People need to work out four times a week if they really want to make a change in their bodies, and variety is really important,” Dale explains. “In the DVD, I provide a diverse offering that is meant to inspire people so they will show up every day to work out.”

For more information, see Total-Body Toning With Lashaun Dale.