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Increase flexibility, reduce injury, with enhanced edition of Stretching Anatomy

Compatible with your iPad, Stretching Anatomy, Second Edition: Enhanced Edition combines step-by-step instructions, visually stunning illustrations, interactive muscle identifiers, and several videos to feature the top stretches for the neck; shoulders, back, and chest; arms, wrists, and hands; lower trunk; hips, knees and thighs; and feet and calves. It also showcases nine dynamic stretches to use as part of a sport warm-up.


In addition to clear instructions and illustrations, Stretching Anatomy, Second Edition: Enhanced Edition has 59 interactive muscle identifiers with which the user can expand the illustration and highlight key muscles individually or collectively according to most-stretched or less-stretched.


For the assisted shoulder and elbow flexor stretch, triceps brachii stretch, intermediate seated hip external rotator and extensor stretch, intermediate standing knee flexor stretch, and dynamic trunk lateral flexion stretch, videos are included to show the stretch in motion and highlight the key muscles.


Stretching Anatomy, Second Edition: Enhanced Edition is the perfect visual guide to proper stretching technique for those looking to increase flexibility, better their athletic performance or reduce muscle soreness and tension.


This enhanced e-book with video is now available for purchase through the Apple iBookstore.



Stretching Anatomy offers great illustrations and practical advice from two well-known scholars in stretching.


Texas State University

Chair, Department of Health and Human Performance





Chapter 1 Neck

Chapter 2 Shoulders, Back, and Chest

Chapter 3 Arms, Wrists, and Hands

Chapter 4 Lower Trunk

Chapter 5 Hips

Chapter 6 Knees and Thighs

Chapter 7 Feet and Calves

Chapter 8 Dynamic Stretches

Chapter 9 Customizing Your Stretching Program

Stretch Finder

About the Authors




Arnold G. Nelson, PhD, is a professor in the School of Kinesiology at Louisiana State University. A leading researcher on flexibility, he is considered one of the top authorities on the effect of stretching on muscle performance. Nelson is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and earned his PhD in muscle physiology from the University of Texas at Austin. He resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Jouko Kokkonen, PhD, is a professor in exercise science at Brigham Young University in Hawaii. For more than two decades he has taught anatomy, kinesiology, exercise physiology, and athletic conditioning, and for more than three decades he has coached track and field. Kokkonen's research has focused on the acute and chronic effects of stretching. He earned his PhD in exercise physiology from Brigham Young University and now resides in Laie, Hawaii.