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Enhanced e-book offers an integrated approach to group exercise instruction

With an integrated text and video combination, Methods of Group Exercise Instruction, Third Edition (Enhanced), highlights a variety of group exercise formats through training principles, correction and progression techniques, and safety tips. This resource will enhance the skills of group exercise leaders and prepare them to lead more dynamic, safe, and effective classes.


This special enhanced e-book edition includes more than 100 minutes of video that demonstrate key concepts from the text. Video clips include teaching demonstrations, cueing techniques, warm-up and cool-down, progressions and modifications, and basic moves for a variety of exercise modalities.


Rather than simply providing routines, this book helps instructors develop the core skills needed for creating routines, use proper cueing, and adapt their teaching to new modalities. Teaching techniques convey appropriate training for each muscle group and methods for warm-up, cardiorespiratory training, muscular conditioning, neuromotor training, and flexibility. In addition, starter routines, modification strategies, and instructor assessment criteria are presented for seven class formats: kickboxing, step training, stationary indoor cycling, sport conditioning and boot camp, water exercise, yoga, and mat-based Pilates. The text also touches on alternative modalities, including dance-based classes, fusion, and mind–body training.


In addition to the integrated video, updates to the third edition include the following:

  • New chapters cover social aspects of group exercise, coaching-based instructional models, and neuromotor and functional training.
  • Callout boxes highlight important topics, research findings, technique and safety checks, and practice drills.
  • Short assignments at the close of each chapter encourage readers to look beyond the text to gain practical experience.
  • Evaluation forms and evaluation key points allow instructors to gauge their teaching success and adapt the key criteria of a successful class to each exercise modality.

The enhanced e-book is available for purchase at Amazon's Kindle store, Apple's iBookstore, and Barnes & Noble for NOOK.