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Enhanced e-book combines animations, videos, and audio clips with the leading physiology text.

With new animations, video clips, and audio clips, Physiology of Sport and Exercise, Sixth Edition With Web Study Guide (Enhanced Version), offers a simple way for students to develop an understanding of the body's abilities to perform various types and intensities of exercise and sport, to adapt to stressful situations, and to improve its physiological capacities.


Written by a team of distinguished researchers, all past presidents of the American College of Sports Medicine, this enhanced sixth edition fully incorporates new digital elements directly into the text to facilitate learning comprehension. These new components, along with high-quality photos, illustrations, and medical artwork, provide a dynamic way to experience course material.


A total of 25 animations, seven new to this edition, have been inserted directly into the enhanced text to clarify difficult concepts and illustrate how the body performs. The 60 audio clips provide explanations of complex physiological processes to aid students' understanding of important illustrations in the text, and approximately 20 video clips discuss developments in the field and real-world applications to help students connect theoretical and practical concepts.


In addition to the improved digital components, Physiology of Sport and Exercise, Sixth Edition (Enhanced Version), features new and updated content based on the latest research in the field:

  • Updated information on high-intensity interval training (HIIT), interactions between resistance training and diet, and the relationship between protein intake and muscle synthesis
  • A reorganized chapter on ergogenic aids and a clearer organization of prohibited versus legal substances
  • Extensively revised chapters on physical activity and disease, including updated treatment guidelines and understandings of metabolism and disease processes
  • New information on the health effects of prolonged sitting as well as osteoporosis, bone health, and effects of exercise during menopause
  • A series of 76 Research Perspectives emphasizing new and emerging findings in the field


The enhanced sixth edition of Physiology of Sport and Exercise continues to offer comprehensive coverage of the complex relationship between human physiology and exercise while maintaining an engaging and student-friendly tone.


Purchase this enhanced e-book with video through Amazon's Kindle Store, Google Play, Apple's iBookstore, or Barnes & Noble for NOOK