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Dominate the field with slowpitch-specific softball products from Human Kinetics

Become the best slowpitch player with slowpitch-specific softball products from Human Kinetics!


Complete Guide to Slowpitch Softball has become a best-selling book specific to slowpitch because that's its entire focus. It's not a fastpitch softball book adapted to slowpitch softball. It's a comprehensive and original instructional guide unique to the sport. In this one-of-a-kind book and DVD package, senior softball Hall of Famer Rainer Martens and his wife, Julie Martens, put their wealth of expertise together to bring unique insight into all aspects of the game to help players, coaches, and fans alike hit a home run. With Complete Guide to Slowpitch Softball, you will learn basic to advanced offensive and defensive techniques. The comprehensive coverage of slowpitch strategies and tactics, as well as expert advice on physical and psychological conditioning, will ensure you step out of the dugout confident and prepared.


But the advice doesn't stop there! Complete Guide to Slowpitch Softball: Enhanced Edition combines the information presented in the book and DVD to provide a new viewing experience. In this enhanced ebook, 62 video clips and 105 full-color photos are flawlessly woven into the text of the book so you can see right away how the skills, drills, techniques, and advice can be used in practices and games.


Finally, Slowpitch Softball Hitting presents everything you need to know before stepping into the batters' box. This mini e-book digests the information from Complete Guide to Slowpitch Softball specific to hitting.  Detailed information about strike zone recognition, stances, bat selection, and grips will help you step into the batter box ready to hit a home run. You'll learn how to hit for average and increase your bat speed to generate power in various game situations. With this mini e-book, you will increase your precision and take your productivity at the plate to new heights.